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"Vaper's Tongue" - What is it, where does it come from and what does it do? 0
"Vaper's Tongue" - What is it, where does it come from and what does it do?

Vaper's Tongue

Have you ever tried steaming your favorite taste and suddenly realized that you do not like it anymore? Or even worse, that you do not taste anything and that your tongue may feel a bit numb? Then you have to deal with the notorious steamer tongue.

But you do not panic right away, usually it is neither serious nor permanent. In this article, you can read what steamers can do and how to handle them best.

What is the  "Vaper's Tongue"?

Vaper's TongueThe term steamer tongue or steamer tongue comes from the English "Vaper's Tongue" or "Vaper's Fatigue" and is used for a number of problem which have to do with the taste sense. This can be the loss of a certain taste or the complete loss of the taste sense. While the former is much more common, the latter is potentially more severe because it can be a symptom of dehydration, vitamin deficiency or disease. In most cases, however, the state is temporary and disappears by itself (although you will be able to do very much to speed up this process, as you will see in the rest of the article).

This is how taste works

Her tongue is covered from 2000 to 10,000 taste buds. If you are close to 10000 then you can taste excellent and should consider a career as a wine tester (or perhaps an e-liquid tester?). The differences in taste buds might also explain why some steamers prefer intense flavors in your E cigarette and others can not taste a big difference in the many available varieties. The cells in your taste buds are in a constant cycle. They die and then grow. This process takes between ten days and two weeks.

Your taste buds can recognize 5 different tastes:

- Sweet

- Angry

- Salty

- Bitter

Never underestimate your nose!

Even though you have thousands of flavor buds on your tongue, this is often not enough, and your sense of smell plays an important role in your taste. Information from your nose is combined with your taste while eating, drinking or steaming, resulting in your taste experience. In an experiment, researchers have asked for a tea tester to block your nose. These testers were shocked that your excellent taste without the smell did not work properly. You can also test it yourself. Take a sip of tea or juice and repeat this while you hold your nose. You should notice that you taste less when the nose is tight. (You can try it with steam, but be careful, you could cough.)

The psychology of taste and smell

Cola It is remarkable that taste is not carved in stone. It is known that taste can change as you get older but there are also a number of other factors that can influence the taste. If you've got a bad time or you've seen a celebrity like something very much, it can affect your taste. Their taste can also be influenced by expectations, as the following experiments prove:

The Pepsi / Cola experiment

In a blind study, researchers gave test subjects drinking Coca Cola and Pepsi. The majority preferred the taste of pepsi. But: When the researchers told the test people the name of the drink, Cola won 4: 1.

Something minty

In another experiment, TV host Derren Brown opened a bottle of mint and told the audience that many of them could smell the mint. After a part of the audience claimed to be able to smell the mint, he admitted that no mint odor had been present at all and that the smell had been triggered by a low-frequency noise. He asked the TV audience to increase their volume and expect the sound to trigger the taste. Then the viewers should twitter the hashtag #derrensmells. Only when many spectators claimed to smell mint, Derren admitted that there was also no sound and the taste was generated by pure expectation. If you keep this in the back of the head you can ask as a steamer, whether the luxurious E-Liquid which you have bought expensive or really tasted really good.

And can we differentiate whether it is a psychological or a medical effect? You can try it yourself, we have done it. Recommend someone an e-liquid and tell them that it is the best thing you have ever tasted. Then ask the same person to test another liquid and claim to be severely disappointed. In our test, the test person preferred the first liquid - pure psychology.

10 Causes of the Vaper's Tongue

1. You have vaping too long the same taste

This cause is probably the least scientific in this list (because we can not find any proof of this). Many, however, notice that they get steamers if they have steamed a certain taste for a very long time.

2. Damaged taste buds

Unfortunately it is so that taste buds can take damage and that this can lead to a deaf tongue. Causes may include smoking, infection, alcohol, extremely acidic or spicy food, or certain drugs. Fortunately, taste buds cure, even if they become weaker in age (one of the reasons for changing the taste when you get older). As mentioned above, taste buds can take up to two weeks to regrow, so it can take some time until you can taste again.

3. You have recently switched from smoking to vaping

We mention this only for the sake of completeness. This is often mentioned in the Internet as a cause, but it is not necessarily likely that this causes the steamer (if you do not smoke and steam simultaneously).

Yes, smoking can damage taste and odor (luckily but not permanently). It is true that many steamers wake up a few weeks after the last cigarette and suddenly you can hear the smell of freshly brewed coffee (this is the positive case, of course there are also unpleasant odors which are noticeable again). Steampferzunge, however, means a sudden loss of taste, so smoking is an unlikely cause.

4. Dehydration

Another possible cause of loss of taste. Other symptoms include headaches, aching and dry mouth, fatigue, and dark urine.

While a glass of water usually helps, remember that dehydration also means the loss of salts.

5. Dryness in the mouth

A dry mouth is created by the lack of saliva and this will surely happen to you from time to time (especially when you get older). Unfortunately, it can also lead to loss of taste.

6. Clogged nose

As mentioned, your sense of smell plays an important role in the recognition of tastes. If your nose is clogged, this affects your taste especially with more complex flavors.

7. Other diseases

While a stuffy nose (and associated diseases such as flu and cold) is an obvious cause of taste loss, it is not the only disease that can destroy your steaming experience.

Other diseases are for example:

- Injuries to the mouth, nose or head

- Swollen or inflamed gums

- vitamin B12 or zinc deficiency

- Alzheimer's disease

(We do not want to panic under steam, and you now believe you have Alzheimer's.) Do not forget that most steamers suffer from steamers at some time and that this usually goes by, so if you do not lose your taste you do not need big ones If the condition is however permanent, then we ask you to see a doctor.)

8. Medicines

Different types of medications are also known to cause taste loss. Some examples:

- Thyroid gland drugs

- Captopril


- lithium


- rifampin

- Some cancer drugs

If you are suffering from vapers and take one of these medicines, this could be the cause.

9. Stress and anxiety

Anxiety can also cause the taste to change. If you do not realize that you are suffering from anxiety, you can also experience taste changes.

While we do not know all the reasons that stress affects the taste buds, there are a few that we can tell you:

- changes by rejuvenating your taste buds against the stress.

- Breathing through the mouth - If you are suffering from anxiety and stress, you tend to breathe through the mouth, which can affect the taste (presumably because it affects the salivary glands and bacteria in your mouth).

- Acid regurgitation

- Increased sensitivity - stress sometimes makes it easy for bad tastes to have more effect.

10. Old E-Liquid & Dirty clearomizer contacts

In an interview with the nicotine expert Dr. Houezec, it was mentioned that E-Liquid can change its taste when it gets old. Sometimes this leads to a peppery taste. In this case, you may not have any vapers, maybe you just need new e-liquid.

There is also the theory that vape tongue can be caused by dirty clearomizer contacts. So if you suffer from it, you can try to clean / replace your clearomizer.

Ways to defeat the vapers

Obviously, we do not have the opportunity to help with the above mentioned medical problems. If you are concerned that you are suffering from anxiety, vitamin deficiency or any other disease, you should consult a doctor. In 99% of the cases the following solutions can help with steamer tongue.

1. Look for another taste

A very simple tip which often really helps. Replace your everyday taste with another one and replace it after a few weeks. Hopefully the good old taste will taste again! All our E-Liquids can be found here.

2. Use a more intense flavor

Replace your subtler, subtle taste with some really strong as well as intense menthol.

3. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water helps with two things: it cleans your taste buds for the next try and you avoid dehydration.

4. Inhale the smell of fresh coffee beans

This trick is used by professional wine and perfume starters. We do not know how exactly it works but experts believe that inhaling the smell of fresh coffee beans "sets the taste" to zero ". It is worth a try.

5. Suck on a lemon

Like coffee beans, lemons are said to have the ability to nullify your taste.

6. Mouthwash

Here the opinions differ somewhat. Some are the view mouthwash helps in steamers others believe it causes them. If nothing helps, you can try it.

7. Use matured E-Liquid

So you get more flavor. It can also be said that tires lead to a softer and refined taste and not directly to a stronger one.

8. Let time pass

As already said, your taste buds often simply need some time to heal if they are dead or damaged. So wait a bit.

9. Stop smoking and smoking at the same time

If you smoke and steam, try steaming for a while to see if you experience a difference. In this way you can perhaps also take the last step and finally get rid of the harmful cigarettes.

10. Vaping without taste

Try a while with pure base and see if it helps.

11. Use a tong cleaner

This can help you clean the taste buds.

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