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VECEE GALA 4000 Review 0
VECEE GALA 4000 Review

VECEE GALA 4000 Puffs review: A madness of colors and surprising flavors

VECEE-GALA is a high-quality single-use e-cigarette that guarantees reliable and pleasant vaping. With an incredible 4,000 puffs, the disposable vaporizer is perfect for those looking for an e-cigarette that offers a long life and great value for money.

The device is filled with 5% nicotine salt e-liquid and holds up to 10ml of e-liquid. The capacity of the e-liquid tank has been increased compared to the previous VECEE LUKAS model. VECEE GALA is extremely easy to use, and thanks to the 600 mAh battery and fast charging type C, it allows you to enjoy vaporization for a very long time. This unique e-cigarette is powered by a high-quality mesh coil for excellent vapor production and a satisfying throat hit.

VECEE GALA impresses with its modern design with a palette of many colors to choose from and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece. Is it worth trying this model? This review will help you make the right decision.


  • E-Liquid Capacity: 10ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Battery: 600mAh Type-C
  • Phew: 4000


VECEE GALA Vape offers diverse and refined flavors!

The disposable vaping device is available in a rich palette of exquisite and expressive e-liquid flavors that provide an amazing vaping experience. The choice of flavors is so wide that whether you want a fruity mix or an aroma from the range of desserts, you will find something for yourself. Disposable VECEE GALA vaporizers surprise from the first puff with a brilliant mix of flavor and aroma.

VECEE GALA comes in 10 flavours:

Peach Mango, Grape Ice Cream, Banana Chill, Blue Lemonade, Melon Chill, Strawberry Ice Cream, Just Mint, Blue Razz Ice Cream, Orange Soda, Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry

We've reviewed all the flavors for you to help you decide which one is worth trying first:


Anyone who has vaped Mango knows that it is a challenge for the manufacturer and few companies have achieved the intended effect. In this case, fresh notes of juicy peach make this experiment surprisingly successful.

Strawberry Ice Cream

This is one of the best creamy flavors I've ever tried. The taste of strawberries is expressive, sweet, with a creamy density, which immediately evokes the feeling of great ice cream with a very natural taste.

Melon chill

Juicy and refreshing watermelon subtle from chilled. Melon Chill is the joy of vaping thanks to the perfect proportions of ice and sweetness.

Orange Lemonade

Mirinda, Fanta this aroma immediately after inhalation evokes an amazing feeling that you have just tasted one of these drinks.

Blue Razz Ice

The taste of blue raspberry with icy notes, well known to all vapers, also brought to the master level. Suitable for everyday vaping.


Banana in my subjective opinion is +. It's hard to get the taste of a natural banana. Here, however, it worked, I didn't feel the chemistry, it may not taste like a ripe banana, but let's just say, just the way I like it - semi-green:)

Blue lemonade

A mixture of blueberries and raspberries magically composes with the taste of lemonade, providing a surprisingly original taste.

Grape Ice Cream

At first I wasn't sure grape ice cream was a good idea, but after the first push I changed my mind. The taste of Grape Ice is strong and well-balanced.

Mint only

In short, this taste is a disaster. Apart from the pleasant smell, I have nothing else to add. But as you know, there are different tastes.

Kiwi Dragon Berries

It's such a complex mixture that I don't know where to start :) Immediately after the first puff I felt the delicious taste of fruit. Would I choose to use this flavor all the time? I prefer to vaporize from time to time.

VECEE GALA design & quality

The VECEE-GALA disposable e-cigarette has an innovative design. The body is rounded and the lower part is covered with durable silicone. VECEE GALA is available in a wide range of colors. Well-chosen colors create a surprisingly elegant disposable product.

Length of life

VECEE GALA was not damaged during the drop test, which means that the manufacturer took care of the quality. So you can be sure that if after the first puff the VECEE GALA e-cigarette falls out of your hand due to its unique taste, it will still work :) 

Is VECEE GALA leaking?

VECEE GALA showed no such symptoms during our testing period. The 10ml nicotine salt e-juice seems to be well protected in the tank. It is handy and very convenient to keep in a bag or pocket all day long.

VECEE GALA disposable e-cigarette - Ergonomics

VECEE GALA is perfectly designed from the rounded cylindrical shape to the vertical ribs and silicone base. The design of these vape devices provides a comfortable and secure grip. The cylindrical silicone mouthpiece creates a nice soft surface for a pleasant vaping experience.

VECEE GALA Disposable Device - Battery and Charging

The 600 mAh battery allows you to vape for about 8-10 hours. Such performance gives you the comfort of using VECEE GALA throughout the day without having to charge the device. However, if that power isn't enough for you, you can quickly get back to vaping by plugging the Type-C charging cable into the disposable port at the bottom.The 10 ml tank gives you the ability to make up to 4000 puffs.

VECEE GALA disposable vaporizer -Power

The first time you take a puff, you will immediately notice the high quality that VECEE GALA offers you. A vertical mesh coil works in the background to ensure a stable temperature while your e-liquid is vaporized every time you take a puff. it will not be better :)

The airflow in VECEE GALA is perfectly regulated, which allows for comfortable inhalation, supported by sensitive automatic inhalation. If you are a DTL (direct-to-lung) enthusiast, Gala is the perfect device for you. The intensity of the dense clouds is also unbelievable, which will delight any vaping enthusiast.

All in all, the performance of this vaporizer is outstanding and with 4000 clicks you can enjoy this unique e-cigarette for days or weeks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, VECEE GALA will surely meet your expectations.


At the moment, we could not find any information about the price of VECEE GALA. This disposable product was recently launched, so you'll need to check back later for more information.


VECEE GALA is a very good quality device for everyday vaping. If the market price is not inflated, VECEE GALA will become an e-cigarette that will be able to compete with other players in the vape market.

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