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Vecee Luke Disposable Vapes Review 0
Vecee Luke Disposable Vapes Review

Vecee Luke Disposable Vapes Review - Intelligent e-liquid leak prevention system

Today we present the newest disposable vaporizer on the vape market with a mysterious name - VECEE LUKAS - This amazing disposable e-cigarette has been equipped with an innovative system that perfectly protects the vaper against uncontrolled spilling of e-juice. With VECEE LUKAS you can enjoy up to 600 puffs, and the 400 mAh battery ensures powerful and long-lasting vaping.

The amount of aromas may not make you dizzy, but VECEE LUKE, which is available in 10 really perfectly matched flavors, can confidently compete with other disposable vaporizers on the vape market. The slim design allows you to fit it even in the smallest pocket of a bag or jacket. VECEE LUKE is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a convenient vaporization device.


  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Puffs: Up to 600 puffs
  • Battery type: 400mAh
  • Nicotine strength: 2%

VECEE LUKE - Flavors

Mango Peach, Kiki Berry, Cran Grape, Tropical Drizzle, Nana Land, Blue Razz Ice Cream, Tobacco Chill, Cherry Lemoniade, Watermelon Ice Cream or Orange Lemonade.

Despite the limited selection, the flavors of VECEE LUKE are perfectly matched so that every vaper can find something for themselves. The blends are composed in such a way that the variety of aromas suits everyone's needs, creating a truly unique and tasty vaping experience.

I tested each of the 10 flavors of VECEE LUKE and described the impressions after vaping them below:

Tobacco Chill 

A refined blend of subtle aromas inspired by the sweetness of Virginia. The Tobacco Chill blend is distinguished by a cool smoke aroma, the outstanding taste of which has been the result of centuries of tobacco craftsmanship. It has a mild character of the best oriental tobacco enriched with a pinch of mint. It's worth a try. I recommend it.

Watermelon ice cream

A topic that comes up with many e-liquid manufacturers. The competition in this flavor is huge, but VECEE LUKE rose to the occasion. The taste of watermelon is expressed additionally enriched with the density of creamy ice cream.

Cherry Lemonade

I don't normally like the taste of cherries, but when combined with a cool breeze, it's simply delicious. It really tastes like a sparkling, refreshing cherry, not like other chemical e-liquids. You can definitely vape all day.

Orange Lemonade

Very good taste, thanks to which this disposable e-cigarette can be used as an all-day. It has a pleasant sparkling freshness and a fruity orange note that tastes aromatic and not too sweet. I definitely recommend it

Tropical drizzle

This model of disposable e-cigarette will surprise you with the taste of juicy pineapple and orange. In Tropical Drizzle, the incredibly balanced combination of pineapple and orange is characterized by a strong flavor with an excellent hint of sourness

Nana's country

I'll be brief: banana, banana, banana, banana and some strawberries. The original banana-cream composition, devoid of any chemical aftertaste, perfectly balanced with a portion of fresh strawberries. Nana Land is a unique, deep vaporizer flavor that will appeal to anyone who likes unusual fruit combinations.

Cranberry grape

As I mentioned earlier, despite the small range of flavors, VECEE LUKE can surprise you. It is at first glance a bizarre combination of tart and slightly sweet cranberries and grapes that add a strong fruity note. The first puff is immediately surprising, the taste is refreshing with a balance between sweetness and astringency. However, in my opinion, this vaporizer is intended for those who appreciate a sweet and tart taste, although it is worth trying it for the sake of a taste experiment.

Mango Peach

A powerful cocktail of tropical fruits such as mango and peach that combine perfectly for an incredibly intense fruity experience. An exotic explosion of flavor with a warm, tingling finish.

Blue Razz Ice

This aroma brings the iconic blue icy raspberry fruit with a slight hint of menthol. This is a classic and true gem for vapers looking for class and elegance. The device leaves thick clouds of steam and leaves you wanting more.

Kiki Berry

This vaporizer is a mix of kiwi, strawberry and raspberry flavors that have been perfectly combined. From the first time you can be sure that everything fits together well and the flavors complement each other beautifully.

Design and quality - the VECEE LUKE disposable vape

VECEE LUKE is equipped with a very comfortable silicone grip that ensures comfortable use. Created in good taste, the elegant shape of the pen gives the impression of lightness. It is standard filled with 2 ml of 5% e-liquid and gives you the ability to make up to 600 puffs. The manufacturer also offers a similar model called VECEE AREX, which has a capacity of 6,000 puffs. This option will surely meet your expectations.

An additional advantage of the VECEE LUKE model is the inspection window of the e-juice tank, which allows you to easily check the level of the remaining e-liquid. Thanks to this clever solution, you know when it needs to be replaced with a new one.

The VECEE LUKE logo and flavor is placed on the front of the device, which defines the flavor profile. The color of this disposable vaping device reflects the mix of flavors, giving it a consistent and visually appealing look.

VECEE LUKE is equipped with a very thin mouthpiece that perfectly adapts to the shape of the mouth.

First Use of VECEE LUKE

Before you try to inhale for the first time, you must unlock the mouthpiece and wait about 2 minutes (filling the coil).

Length of life

VECEE LUKE does not differ technically from other disposable vaporizers known on the vape market. 600 times and it's over :) The very construction of this device is solid, it was dropped twice on the pavement and it continued to work, unfortunately after the second unfortunate fall the inspection window of the juice broke, which caused small leaks. Durable silicone housing, e-juice tank window are the advantages of VECEE LUKE.

Is VECEE LUKE leaking?

The VECEE LUKE disposable vaporizer protects against uncontrolled leakage of e-liquid thanks to a perfectly functioning sealing system. This means that you can confidently use this device for vaping without worrying about a wet pocket or purse.


Designed for everyday use by all genders. Perfectly designed to meet today's standards, easy to hold and perfect for travel. The thin mouthpiece, which can be easily gripped with the mouth or between the teeth, allows, for example, to answer the phone or send a message.


VECEE LUKE is equipped with a 400 mAh battery, which, according to the manufacturer, will provide about 600 puffs. This is the standard amount of clouds that can also be extracted from similar single-use vape devices on the market. VECEE LUKE does not have a secondary charging option.

The power of the VECEE LUKE disposable vaporizer

A beginner or experienced vaper using VECEE LUKE will not be disappointed, because it is an efficient device that does not cause technical problems. This disposable vaporizer, thanks to the well-chosen flavors I described earlier, provides a rich and full experience with each cloud. The mesh coil specially designed for this model of e-cigarette ensures even temperature distribution, which translates into a smoother and more consistent flavor delivery.

Performance, VECEE LUKE is a guarantee of wonderful aromatic clouds that are perfect for MTL lovers. VECEE LUKE gives you the comfort of vaping, and above all gives a chance to those who want to get rid of the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. Ease of use thanks to a simple and intuitive design without complicated functions puts VECEE LUKE at the forefront of disposable e-cigarettes worth recommending.


For now, there is no information on the retail prices of the VECEE LUKE disposable vaporizer on the Internet. We have to wait until the product is available to consumers.


In my opinion, the VECEE LUKE disposable e-cigarette meets all the standards for disposable vaping devices on the vape market. Efficiency equals the most popular single-use bars such as ELF BAR or IVG BAR. It is convenient to use and easy to transport. The truth is that the most common choice is the taste and aroma that a disposable vaporizer is filled with, and in this case VECEE LUKE has nothing to be ashamed of.

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