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Guide: Volt, Watts and Ohm 0

Guide: Volt, Watts and Ohm

Volt, watts and ohms are terms that can seriously confuse any vapers just at the beginning. These units are therefore worth to be explained in detail and this post is intended.

The important thing to know is that you can use a variable voltage (V) battery and an clearomizer with various resistors relatively easily, without understanding exactly what the volt and ohms are.

To put it simply, it is only the adjustment of the voltage of the battery until you reach exactly the kind of steam, taste and throat hit you have imagined.

They can also experiment relatively easily with different resistors in combination with different volt numbers.Introduction to the world of volts, watts and ohms. Nevertheless, there are, of course, steamers who want to know more. This post includes an introduction to the world of volts, watts and ohms, as well as a more detailed explanation which also includes Ohm's law.

What is Ohm?

An Ohm is a resistor unit. The lower the resistance in the coil head, the more current flows through it. Increase the resistance flows less current. If you are using a low-resistance coil head to get more current, you will notice that more heat is generated in the coil head, more steam is generated, the taste can be more intense, and the steam is warmer. All this can be natural, depending on what you prefer to be very positive. Low resistance and more current flow, however, also have some disadvantages. Your rechargeable battery will last a long time and your lifetime may be impaired. Your E-Liquid will also be consumed faster, your coil head will last less long (clearomizer heads with very low resistance are sometimes consumed after 2-3 days) and the probability of your e-cigarette Burnt tastes is bigger. Using an coil head with higher resistance has the opposite effect. Less current flow, less heat in the clearomizer, less and cooler steam and possibly less intense taste. On the positive side, your battery will last longer, you consume less e-liquid and it is less likely that you experience burnt taste. So what resistance should you use? There is no precise answer to this, because it depends on what you prefer. The table below can help you get started (Click for a larger view). You will also notice that different liquids react differently to different resistances and resistance has a great influence on taste. Find your favorite setting by yourself.


Variable Voltage Batteries - What Does This Mean? Not only the resistance in your coil head has influence on taste, steam and throat hit. It also depends on how much power your battery supplies to your clearomizer. There are two common types of batteries that send different amounts of current into your clearomizer, those with variable voltage (volts) and those with variable power (watts). Different resistances can, as said, intensify or weaken the taste of your e-liquid, the same can be achieved by changing the amount of current flowing through your clearomizer. Usually, you do not need to do more than spin or push buttons, so it's not complicated anymore. And if you want more steam? Then you can combine a low-resistance coil head with a high vol- tage number and produce even more steam. However, this can also lead to problems. The likelihood that you burn your coil head or the E cigarette burnt is much higher and your coil head will wear much more quickly.Variable voltage (volts) or variable power (watts)? Kangertech K box With a variable voltage device, you can adjust how much current (volts) flows through your device. The amount of energy your device actually generates depends on how the resistance in your clearomizer interacts with the current flowing through it.

A variable-capacity device does not give you the possibility to adjust how much current flows through your clearomizer. Instead, you specify how much power (watts) it should generate. The variable power device automatically adjusts how much voltage (volts) flows through the clearomizer to reach the desired power output (watts). In other words Watt basically describes how much electricity your E-cigarette produces and Volt describes how much current flows through the device. So when you increase the power (Watts), you automatically increase the voltage (Volt) and the other way around. The voltage is not the only thing that affects performance. The resistance of the coil head also plays a role here. Coil heads with lower resistance produce more flavor, steam and heat at lower voltage than coil heads with greater resistance because you use more watts.

For example, if you have a 1.8 Ohm coil head and use it at 3.7 volts, you will achieve a power of about 7.3 watts - not a bad steam. If, however, you switch to a higher resistance of 2.8 ohms, you will experience a reduction in taste, steam and heat as the power is reduced (about 4.4 watts). In this case you have to increase the volts to achieve more power and thus to produce better steam. Because low-resistance coil heads use more wattage, you generate more heat and can burn out faster than coil heads with higher resistance.

Our batteries with variable voltage can be found here.

E-cigarette battery with 1100 mAh. What does that mean? You have certainly seen that when describing all e-cigarette batteries, a mAh value is given. MAh is an important value because it indicates how long the battery lasts. MAh stands for Milliamperstunden and the more mAh a battery has, the longer it holds. You can read more below. What Is Sub Ohm ? So far we have described that reducing the resistance and increasing the voltage / power results in more steam, more throat hit and sometimes more taste. The steaming in the Sub Ohm level goes to the limits here and reduces the resistance to below 1 Ohm. This can result in quite a lot of steam but it also weighs your battery and your coil head more. Ohm is often submerged with a mechanical Mod Sub Ohm in previous models and since this has no electronic safety mechanisms, the risk that the battery explodes when used improperly larger. Until recently, it was only very experienced vapers with your rebuildable atomizers possible to vaping in the sub ohm range. Recently, however, an increasing number of devices have been introduced to the market which make the sub-Ohm steaming possible with the safety and comfort of regular devices.

Examples are the Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery and the Aspire Atlantis clearomizer. Detailed explanation of Volt, Watt and Ohm. Electronic cigarettes are very simple circuits with a battery, a switch and a heating coil. The circuit is basically a controlled short circuit, in which the battery's current is used to produce heat. A Milliampè restunde (mAh) is one thousandth of an Ampèrestunde (Ah). Both values ​​are used to indicate battery capacity, a higher mAh value means more capacity. MAh only measures the capacity of the battery and should not be confused with amperage. An amp is a unit of measure for current. An amperage is defined as 6,241 * 10 ^ 18 electrons (1 Coulomb) which passes a point in a circuit per second.

Volt (voltage)

Volt is the amount of potential energy between two points in a circuit. One point is more charged than the other. This difference between the electrical charge of the two points is called volts.

Watt (power)

Watts is a measure of the amount of electricity that an electrical device uses.

Ohm's law

Ohm's law refers to the calculations for determining the relationship between volt, current and resistance. V = voltage in volts; I = current in amps; R = resistance in ohms.

If you know the value of two of the three variables, you can use the Ohm's law to calculate the third. Ohm's law

    V = I x R (voltage = current x resistance)
    R = V / I (resistance = voltage / current)
    I = V / R (current = voltage / resistance)

If you are using an coil head with 0.5 Ohm on a 4.2 volt battery, you can use this formula to calculate how much amperage the battery requires: I = 4.2 / 0.5 = 8.4 Amp. This is especially useful when you build your own coil heads. You should never steam with an coil head if you do not know its resistance or with a battery whose voltage is unknown to you.

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